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Our approach to chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic therapy forms the backbone of our clinic. We have built a hands-on approach that gets you off the table and back on your feet. We treat your body as a complex, interconnected system, and we combine our expertise, pulling techniques across rehabilitative disciplines. We use gentle, low force, high velocity state of the art adjusting instruments founded in published research to deliver the most effective, pain free adjustments.

Your entire body works as an interconnected unit. When an injury occurs in one part of the body, other parts try to compensate to avoid further injury or aggravation, creating both muscular and postural imbalances. Over time, these imbalances can lead to degeneration and arthritis. Our sharp eyes assess how you move and hold yourself, and together we work to free you from pain and tension—in the back, neck, shoulders, etc. Aligned joints mean happy, healthy skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment:

  • Aligns your spine and joints
  • Relieves muscle tension and counters the workday desk slouch
  • Improves flexibility
  • Eases pressure on slipped discs and nerves through chiropractic therapy for lower back pain

Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

If you have pain from everyday activities like sitting at a desk for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects or playing competitive sports, chiropractic treatment can help you! Everyday activities cause wear and tear on the body, affecting our muscles and spine and chiropractic treatments are focused on safely and effectively treating the musculoskeletal problems.

If you are experiencing any of the following, contact us to get started with your customized treatment plan to STOP your pain:

  • Migraine/Headache
  • Back Pain Conditions
  • Neck Pain Conditions
  • Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Knee Pain Conditions
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Stress and Tension Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain Conditions

Your Visit

We begin with a comprehensive orthopedic, neurological, and movement assessment, along with taking digital X-rays of your area of complaint. We then integrate all of the information that your body is telling us, and combine spine and extremity joint manipulation to heal the cause of your pain. We also encourage you to extend your session’s benefits at home—by teaching you stretches and exercises, based on your needs, to keep you stronger, longer.

Is Chiropractic a Long-Term Solution?

Yes. When you come in to start your treatment we will work on immediately addressing your pain, while focusing on correcting your body structure to provide you with lasting results.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

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