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Scottsdale Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Scottsdale Laser TherapyAs a Scottsdale laser therapy provider from Woolston Wellness Center, P.C. knows, you may feel that you have tried everything to fix the pain you are experiencing. Perhaps you have gone on wellness retreats, taken every over-the-counter pill you could, or tried that weird oil your aunt gave you that promised to help with your pain. You were likely left thinking that none of these things helped you the way you were hoping they would. When this is the case, it may be time to think outside the box and try something you have never done before. Enter laser therapy. 

A Rose By Any Other Name

When you talk with our team, you may be ready to jump on the laser therapy bandwagon. You may hear it called by two names–cold laser therapy or deep tissue laser therapy. Both are referring to the same treatment. The idea that someone is going to shoot a laser at you to try to relieve your pain can feel like an oxymoron. You may think that is a great way to lose an arm or a leg. However, laser therapy for pain is extremely gentle and effective. This treatment is growing rapidly in popularity. 

Does it have any side effects? 

Laser therapy is not going to have the side effects that you think it will. It simply helps to reduce the inflammation and pain you are experiencing. The light in the laser helps to increase your body’s ability to heal quicker in a process known as photobiomodulation. While you may have experienced side effects from other treatments or medications, you would experience side effects from laser therapy and it is a great alternative when you do not want something more invasive, like surgery. 

Will I have to come back weekly? 

Many patients find that they can go months without needing to come back for treatment. This is because it is not simply masking the pain you are in but healing it at the source. You will likely need to come back for more than one treatment, but you may quickly find you can go much longer stretches between your appointments. 

Can my treatment be adjusted for my needs? 

Yes, your Scottsdale laser therapy treatment can be adjusted based on what your specific needs are. You may find your provider offering different methods for you to get the treatment, different tools, and different levels. 

Will I experience any pain during the treatment? 

The treatment itself comes with a gentle warmth. You should not feel what you would expect a laser to feel like. Your provider may opt to use a massage-ball head for your treatment and this experience can be quite soothing. 

When you are ready to move on from a life of pain and are interested in starting a new method for getting rid of your pain, reach out to Woolston Wellness Center, P.C. We care about getting you the treatment plan you need so that you can begin enjoying your life again. Call us to set up a Scottsdale laser therapy appointment today.